Our Stories, Our Anchors

by Rebecca A. Watson on February 23, 2015

in characters, expat, goals, life, writing

“Everybody wants to tell their story of origin, whether it’s a nation, a people, even a couple.”

The words rang in my head as I lay in bed, trying to sleep. A group of friends and I had a pretty heavy conversation over brunch earlier, and I played it back now, in this quiet moment.

Candlelight streamed up through my lamp shade, a doughnut shadow puppet on the ceiling. What is my story? I wondered. Then stopped.

I knew — told it a million times. Inspiring and sometimes unbelievable yes, but I couldn’t help but think if continuing to tell it, even to myself, keeps me stuck.

Like an anchor, no matter how far I am, I can only paddle so far away from it. And my big dreams, my aspirations, are a long way from my beginnings.

paddle mountain

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Carpe Your Rich, Fulfilling & Joyful Day

by Rebecca A. Watson on February 19, 2015

in Art, writing

This was sent to me by one of my friends. It touched me much more than I expected. I hope you too find some truth in it.

move forward

Life is demanding and you have succeeded in meeting all those demands. You have persisted through every challenge and you can do it again.

In fact, you’ve become skilled at working your way forward.

Today is another great opportunity to put your skills to work.

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Drive Away the Winter Blues — It’s Fasnacht Time!

by Rebecca A. Watson on February 17, 2015

in Germany, outdoors, travel

My dear friend Amy is visiting from Colorado, so this will be pretty short. She used to live in Freiburg, so she’s back to celebrate her favorite German holiday, Fasnacht.

It’s similar to Carnival in many other places. Pagan rituals, witches, fire, candy and music. So right up my alley.

waffles at rosenmontag

And clearly Amy and Ashley’s as well. Waffles anyone?

The entire thing is made up of parades in different villages. And it’s all outside, oftentimes at night. In the mountains. No wonder there is fire involved. Because ladies and gents, it is cold out there. [click to continue…]


Soul Journalism — Tell Your Truth

February 9, 2015

I have been watching a Facebook acquaintance go through a very public breakup from her family. Part of me feels like she’s oversharing, but another part of me is jealous. Like really jealous. Why can’t I be that public? Why don’t I just not give a fuck? Why? Because I don’t want to hurt people and […]

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Try Different

February 6, 2015

I have a lot of sober penpals, and many of them stop drinking only to start back up again. It’s tough stuff, trying to quit drinking, but I maintain that it is tough stuff trying to change any addictive habit. This poem has always spoken to me, and I thought I would share it with […]

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Who’s the Pack Leader in Your House?

February 2, 2015

I don’t feel all here today — like a slave, my technology has split me in two, or 17 or 24. The minutes tick by in endless moments when I put my phone down, shut off my computer and decide to police my screen time. Neka isn’t interested in fetch. The rice boils at an […]

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Dogs Blow Bubbles & Other News

January 30, 2015

In the last few weeks, Sante and I have been getting to know the newest member of our family Neka. The name is Objibwe for wild goose, and believe me, it fits. She loves a good chase, is silly as they come and really thinks she’s a bird (or at least wants to be friends […]

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A Day in the Life of an Expat: Shields Up!

January 27, 2015

Beyonce’s Run the World: Girls blares through my headphones as I close the door to my apartment. Do I even need to lock it? I wonder. All doors in Germany seem to lock the second they shut. We’ve always got to remember our keys. Half-aware, I exit the main entrance of the house and walk to the […]

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7 Steps to Drinking in Moderation

January 22, 2015

One night several years ago, I decided that I’d start to make tea after dinner in an effort to stop myself from drinking more than my alloted two glasses of wine. To my surprise, after a few minutes I didn’t really want to drink any more wine. It worked! I thought. I’ve figured out this moderation […]

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Bloom: Creative Ways to Use Your Spiritual Gifts

January 19, 2015

This weekend Sante and I finally got around to watching Ray, the biopic piece on Ray Charles’ life, or a portion of it anyway. After the movie, (which is worth watching — Jamie Foxx is brilliant) Sante said, “Those musician movies are all the same.” I agreed, and added, “Honestly, all the stories about drug […]

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